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zDay 18 – Trouble

Nothing lasts forever. Seems as though some of the locals found this place to be as viable as I did. Unfortunately they have much bigger guns than I do so sticking around and “defending my turf” really wasn’t much of an option.

I suppose it was kinda stupid on my part to imagine a lumber yard as being safe. I mean c’mon… wood is a commodity in this situation so people were bound to come poking around sooner or later. Thankfully Little Miss Something woke up yesterday. She’s a little worse for wear but she’s awake and responsive so that’s good. Would have sucked to have had to drag her out of here unconscious on my back once again. I still had to haul her around on my back but at least she held on this time. lol

Rather than tip them off to us being here we quietly slipped out the back as we heard them approaching. They were attracting so much attenion with the swearing and shouting that it made our escape relatively – dare I say – easy. They came with 3 F-150s so I can only assume they were packing some decent firepower. Probably those yokels from the bank. Anyway, we slipped through several backyards and headed north. I think I’m gonna abandon that idea about trying to get to the docks. Too much drama as it is. I can’t imagine how much more down there.

And I still don’t know this girl’s damn name!

I think she’s catatonic or something. Who could blame her? Fuck. If I didn’t have this damn blog I’d probably be halfway to the rubber room by now. She’s a tough little thing though. If she doesn’t start speaking sometime soon I’m gonna have to name her. Seriously. I can’t just keep referring to her as girl. That’s just crude. lmao

Well, “home” is now called the Vanilla Bean Cafe. Looks like any mom-n-pop coffee shop that caters to the pretentious local wannabe beatniks. Perfect place to do some quick blogging.  Not much to say other than we definitely won’t be staying here long. Looks like it got ransacked and gutted long before we got here. Lots of broken windows no real secure spots other than the supply-less supply room we currently find ourselves in. I’m not claustrophobic but I can NOT see myself staying here longer than we have to. Once the sun goes down we’ll get to marching.

Till next time people.

Stay strong and be safe.