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zDay 14 – People suck

It never ceases to amaze me how sick people can be.

I shadowed the 7 all the way to the heart of Two Harbors. During my long hike I came to the decision that I’d head down to the docks and see what my options were down there. I dunno. At this point I kinda threw logic out the window. I’d been dodging zombies for so long now I just wanted to get someplace they weren’t and the water seemed like as good a place as any.

There wasn’t as many deadheads in this town compared to Duluth. For the most part it looked like a war zone. You can tell what places were secured by the amount of bodies laid out in front of certain buildings. Based on my near-death experience back home I figured it was wisest to just stay in the bushes and backyards as I made my way south. Wasn’t about to take any chances on the kindness of strangers.

I think I was on 2nd ave when I caught sight of the bank. Apparently some good ole boys had holed up in there and were shooting up anything and everything in sight. There was a pile of bodies that decorated the street. Hell I couldn’t even see asphalt there were so many of them. The stench is starting to reach whole new levels of unbearable. Thank God this didn’t happen months ago when we were having those 90+ degree days.

What am I saying…

It was starting to get real dusky outside so I didn’t want to dare venturing any further down 2nd even though the stretch seem to be relatively zombie free cuz of them. I was about to continue on when I caught sight of some movement in the distance. Across the street from the bank, a young girl popped out from the alleyway between two buildings. She waved her arms frantically and shouted towards the guy I didn’t even notice on the roof.  She looked as though she’d been on the run for a while based on how haggard her clothes looked. She was dirty, scrawny and desperate.

I’d imagine I don’t look much different…

Without hesitation, the man on the roof fired several shots at the young girl, striking her once in the thigh. I initially thought maybe a pack of zombies was closing in on her and that she got accidentally popped but as the girl screamed in agony and tried to crawl back into the alleyway, the scumbag kept firing. Thank God he’s an awful shot. Several shots hit the ground around and buildings around her as she managed to crawl out of sight.

I dunno why I did this. It probably had to do with that poor girl from the other night. I couldn’t… didn’t… want to help her and it’s been grating on the back of my mind for some time now. The guilt has been all-consuming. I didn’t even really think about what I was doing. I just found myself moving towards that area. Ducking in and out of shadows I came up behind the cafe across the way from the bank. I listened carefully and heard her whimpering close by. A trail of blood lead me to where she was curled up in fetal position sobbing uncontrollably. I froze for a moment. The sight of her so vulnerable… so terrified… just paralyzed me. She must have heard me creeping up because she jumped up suddenly and pressed herself tight against the dumpster behind her. I snapped out of my haze and immediately put my finger to my mouth urging her to be quiet. I could hear stirring nearby and knew we couldn’t stay there for much longer. She locked eyes with me, tears streaming down her face and bit her bottom lip as she tried to remain quiet.

I pulled the skully off my head, balled it up and placed it on her bloody wound. I pulled my belt off and wrapped it around her thigh, pulling tight to try stop the bleeding.  She yelped in agony briefly but quickly stifled it. I scanned the area to look for the quickest way out of there. Back the way I came seemed the only viable option. We couldn’t very well break into cafe and draw attention to ourselves. The sounds were drawing closer. I couldn’t hesitate any longer so I hoisted her onto my back, draped her arms around my neck and scurried off as quickly as possible.

I dunno how long or how far I ran. Once that adrenaline kicked in I just kept moving. It was getting dark and we couldn’t be outside for very much longer. Too many shadows. Too many places to get ambushed.

We eventually came upon a business… a lumberyard if you can believe it… on the west end of town. I couldn’t have asked for a better place to shack up for the time being. I forced my way into the main office via a window and quickly brought her in. There was enough wood around to properly secure the entryway. One might think it’d be really easy to find a hammer in a lumber yard but contrary to that belief I had to nail planks up with computer speaker.

So here I am… stranded with this injured little girl. I don’t even know her name. She slipped out of consciousness sometime when I was trying to get into the office window. I’ve done the best I can with her wound. I’m not a doctor. I’m not even all that comfortable around blood. This is something right up Sarah’s alley. I tried my best to remember the little things she told me over the years but I kept drawing blanks. The bullet went straight through but I dunno if she’s bleeding internally or not. I don’t think it hit the femoral artery. She’d be bleeding out way more than she was if that was the case. There’s only so much I can do with my knowledge and this useless first aid kit.

I guess they didn’t have heavy trauma in mind when they got this. It’s a lumber yard FFS. Don’t they get seriously injured around here?? No… I suppose they’d just go to the hospital. Maybe they have another more useful one around here? Being that I’ve been stuck here for what feels like days now I suppose I should check around. I’m running low on food again and if this girl decides to pull through and wake up I’m sure she’s gonna be starving…

What have I gotten myself into…


zDay 11 – Mistakes

I have no idea is these posts are even going anywhere. If they are cheers to WordPress for having some serious automation in a time of crisis. Had to ditch the laptop a while back. It was slowing me down too much. Plus it kinda stopped working after I had to crack one of these fuckers over the head with it. Thank God for phone apps.

Note to self: Avoid hospitals and police stations at all costs.

I dunno what the fuck I was doing. I guess movies had an influence on my decision cuz I seriously thought I could float on over to the local PD and possibly pick up some weapons (or at least bullets for this damn gun) and be in and out like the wind. Like no one else had the same idea. Like I was the only person alive who would think of that. Dumbass.

The cops… or whoever was holed up inside… weren’t about to open up their doors and roll out the red carpet. The building was under siege like something out of the Crusades. It was unreal. Bodies upon bodies upon bodies. They stacked up almost a man high and they just kept on coming. Relentless I tell you. I watched from the overpass leading to the Transit Center building. So much attention was being focused towards the PD that I was able to slip in and out of buildings unnoticed. Hell I even found a working outlet to charge my phone for a bit.

I can’t tell how they can sense us yet. They don’t seem to be able to see any better than we can because I’ve been able to slip by a few under the cover of darkness. Maybe they can smell us or something. Course I dunno how that’s even possible. The stench around here is absolutely paralyzing. I suppose I’m starting to get used to it. Hell, I haven’t showered in a few days now and I can’t even tell. I know I must wreak but compared to this… sheesh.

Anyway, the police station was just totally fucked so I left. I started heading north and there came bonehead move number two – getting too close to St. Mary’s hospital. I guess that I was so used to that route that I instinctively was drawn there. Okay… seriously, even if you’re hurt, don’t go to the hospital. You’re better off tending to yourself because hospitals are like a zombie factories at this point. Unlike the PD where they had limited access ways in, hospitals are all about having multiple ways in. God… it must have been like a buffet in there for them. Oddly enough, in a twisted sort of way, it still kinda looks like a hospital. People coming in and out constantly. It just sucks that the people are dead.

I was camped out in the bushes across about a block away from the main entrance. I saw a mangled Ford Focus come racing down the block plowing into zombie after zombie. After about the 6th or 7th hit the driver, a middle aged Hispanic looking man with a prematurely receding hairline and a pencil thin mustache, lost control of the vehicle and crashed into the side of the library across the the street from the hospital. The deadheads swarmed like ants on a candy bar. I was tempted to go and help but there was too many of them. They poured out of the hospital like a wave of decaying flesh and washed over the car. The man managed to force his way out the driver side window and tried to pull someone out with him. Her frail little arm suggested it was probably his daughter or something. He wasn’t able to wrestle her free from the swarm. I watched as he clung onto her arm even as they started tearing into his flesh. He never let go. He never screamed. He just had his eyes locked onto her hers.

I’m going straight to hell…

I can see Two Harbors in the distance. Doesn’t look to be any better off than Duluth but I’m gonna investigate anyway. I shouldn’t be out here during the day but my eyes are so strained from skulking around in the darkness that I decided to take a chance and do some day running.

Hope I don’t end up regretting this…

Stay strong and stay safe people.

zDay 8 – Moving on

Surprise. Surprise. I didn’t think I’d be here writing yet another blog entry but alas… here I am.

A lot has gone down since last I wrote. I managed to sneak out of the Bat Cave and round up a backpack chock full o canned goods. Of course brilliant me didn’t factor in the whole can opener conundrum once I got back so I’ve been forcing my way into them with the use of my handy rusted screwdriver. Bah… what’s a littler tetanus when it comes to chowing down?

The shit has really hit the fan out there. It’s amazing how much the landscape has changed in just a few days. Slowly but surely I’ve been hearing less screaming and far fewer gun shots. The fires are burning themselves out and chaos is winding down. Only the incessant moaning dominates every waking moment now. I try to tune it out but it’s so hard to. It’s almost subliminal at this point.

Look at the new toy I picked up when I was out scavenging for food  the other day…

Not like I can go Lethal weapon on anyone. I’ve never even fired a gun before so I guess I’m in for some on the job training. Can’t waste ammo though. From what I see there’ve been several shots fired with this already and the clip looks to have only 4 bullets remaining. Better make them count.


I better stop taking pictures. I charged my phone last night so it’s going to have to last. The power went out earlier today so I’m running on battery power with this laptop now. I guess I shouldn’t write too much either, huh?

I need to get out of here. This place just isn’t going to cut it anymore. I’ve rested up as much as I can considering the circumstances and got a bit of food in my gullet. I’m gonna try to find my wife. I don’t know how or where to start.

Home I guess would be the best place. God I hope she’s alright. She’s a smart girl. I just hope she was able to get somewhere reasonably safe. <sigh> It’s probably just wishful thinking. I’ve been trying to prepare myself for the worse outcome but … how can you really prepare for that? I guess I’ll just have to wing it and see how it goes. I’ll have to move under the cover of darkness. I can’t tell if they can “see” as well at night or not yet but my clandestine approach is more in response to the survivors out there.

Bandits is more like it.

Doesn’t take long for society to break down and get self destructive. Watch your backs out there folks. Zombies aren’t the only threat.

Till next time people (hopefully).

Stay safe. Stay strong.

zDay 3 – The Beginning

I can’t believe I got this to work.

Who’dve thought there’d still be hot spots in a situation like this. Hell… who’dve thought fucking wordpress would be around for that matter. In any case, I’m glad. So long as it works I ain’t gonna question it.

Geez… where to begin? So much has happen that it’s hard to pick where to start.

I suppose with a name, huh?

My name is Duane Foree.  I’m a stock manager at Kmart in Duluth, Minnesota … or well at least I used to be one. I’ve been awake for about 48hrs straight now. I’m not exactly sure where I am right now. It was so chaotic that I had no idea where I was trying to go. I just needed to get away. Get to someplace safe.

Safe. Ha!

That’s a joke of poor taste. I don’t think any place is safe right now.  God… the screaming. That’s all I hear. Screaming. Gunshots, explosions…fires and that persistent moaning. Even amongst all the chaos going on out there you can still hear them… moaning and groaning in unison like some sort of demonic choir.

I know what they are. I’ve seen enough zombie flicks in my time to know what to expect but my God… I never in a million years would have expected it to really happen. I mean c’mon. Zombies? Undead stalking the living?? It sounds hokey even saying it… but here I am… sitting in the corner in a dank smelly basement of some house I have no idea who owns.

Here’s a snap from my phone of my current fortress of solitude…

Nice huh?

I kinda happened upon this spot totally by accident. There was a mob of them right on my ass and I was trying to shake them through some backyards. Every time I thought I was making headway, more would just show up. I figure I was making too much noise in my hasty escape and they were just keying in to where the sounds where coming from. When I finally lost sight of them for a moment, I forced my way into the basement window of the house I was near. I blocked off my way in and quickly used whatever was available down here to barricade the door leading down here. I have no idea if there are people up there. Living people. I hear footsteps. Lots of footsteps. I can’t tell. They move so fucking fast that it could be people running or them chasing.

The movies lied…

They sure as fuck don’t lumber around and waddle towards you. They run. Very fast I might add. No one is ready for this. I know I sure as hell wasn’t… aren’t… whatever. It’s burned into my mind right now. Seeing Judith get jumped right outside of work. It was only 3 of them but they moved on us with such tenaciousness that I swore it had to be  a robbery or something. They pounced on her like jackals to a carcass. I pulled one off of her as soon as they appeared and tossed him to the ground really hard. His clothes were soaked in blood and the right side of his face was caved in. I was paralyzed. His face hit the pavement with such force that I literally mashed his face in and yet… he quickly scrambled to his feet and attacked me.

All I remember was it felt like he had a hundred arms because when he knocked me off my feet that’s all I saw. Hands clawing at me from all directions. I managed to kick him off of me for a brief moment, allowing me to get back to my feet. I wanted to help Judith…I truly did. When I cast a glance over to where she was all I could see was them hovering over her like lions feasting on a fresh kill. Her leg twitched as they continued to bite at her mercilessly. By that time the one that was after me was back on his feet and rampaging towards me.

So I ran.

I ran as fast as I could. Everything was a blur at that point. It was so surreal. I guess that what happens when a person goes into survival mode. The world seemed to slow down. Everyone else was moving slow motion while I just blazed by. At first I thought I would try to track down a cop or something but as I was running… I don’t know where… I saw  a few others in full-on panic, knifing their way through the streets with nothing more than the clothes on the backs. Everyone else seemed oblivious until it was too late.

They swarmed. From different directions, from alleyways, from buses, from the highway. There was no rhyme or reason as to where they were coming from but one thing was certain – they were gaining numbers fast. Dammit… I can’t remember every detail while I was out there. It’s sorta like trying to remember a dream. It was so fresh in my mind but now I feel thoughts trickling away. I just remember running – constantly. Hell, I even laid in garbage bin for God knows how many hours just because I couldn’t run anymore. I may have dozed off while in there. I dunno. You know how it is sometimes when you’re so tired that you close your eyes for what feels like a split second and time just flies by. I’m sure that must have happened once or twice while in there.

So here I am now, in some stranger’s basement blogging. Gotta love WiFi. I used to blog pretty much every day when I’d come home from work. It helped me unwind. It was almost therapeutic to talk about the high and low points of my day to the faceless masses of the Net world. Back then what I wrote was trivial at best but at least now my writing can  hopefully serve as some kind of historical record of how it all went down. Why am I doing this? The world needs to know. They need to know this shit is real. This isn’t the movies where you can watch the ordeal from a safe vantage point. Fuck. I don’t know how it went down. I just know what I got thrust into…

I found this laptop while searching around for something to eat down here. Who keeps a laptop in a crappy basement? I’m shit out of luck. I was hoping this was one of those basements with like an old fridge in it or perhaps some pickled goods some old granny had stored down here but unfortunately I’ve found nothing but trash, dust and centipedes. Thankfully there’s a basin down here so I have water (for now)  but I’m gonna seriously have to consider venturing back outside to get food. As it stands I have the following to keep me nourished…

Yeah that’s right. A quarter of a box of Nerds that I had on me when everything started and a half used box of baker’s chocolate I picked up while I was in that dumpster. Yum yum.

I’m probably at the delirious point from being up so long cuz I feel like I’m starting to babble a lot. In all likelihood this will probably be the one and only entry into the Z journal. God willing when I finally pass out they’ll kill me in my sleep so I don’t have to deal with this shit anymore. I shutter to think what has happened to my parents…and my wife. Every time I think about it I just break down and cry. Having seen what those fucks so first hand I just… I just don’t want to think about it. I tried to call a while ago but the cell towers must be out in this area. Ha! Beat that. I can sit here and blog but I can’t even make a phone call.

Maybe I should send an email. lol

Wouldn’t that be a hoot? I guess it’s better than sitting here rambling on forever.

Let me say this to whoever reads this – don’t hesitate. These things don’t and every second you waste contemplating is another step they gain on you. Bravery means nothing if your innards are falling out of their mouths. Live to fight another day is what I say. Don’t try to leave the city or even your home. The congestion of people, cars and mayhem outside just makes it a  smorgasbord for them. I’ve been holed up here for about a day and a half. While I know it’s not safe, it’s better than those poor bastards I hear screaming out there for hours on end.

Stay strong. Stay safe.

If luck will have it, you’ll hear from me again.