zDay 16 – What I know so far

Well… I’m still in lovely Two Harbors. Fuck, I should just take up residence here permanently. Doesn’t look like I’m leaving anytime soon.

I was hesitant to venture out on a food & supply run and leave the girl unconscious and vulnerable so I stayed and watched over her. I think she has or at least had a fever at some point. The other night she was sweating profusely so I bundled her up in the hopes that it would break the fever. Looks like it may have. She’s not drenched anymore at least. I dunno what to say about her wound though. I can’t tell if that’s the way it’s supposed to look when it’s healing properly or not. I’ve been checking and changing the bandage regularly and there doesn’t appear to be any puss so that means no infection.

Least I was able to remember that much, eh Sarah?

I can’t quite figure out what she is… racially I mean. She looks Hispanic based on her honey-like complexion but she has a bit of a honker on her so she could very well be Indian or Middle Eastern. I can’t tell. I suck at guessing nationalities. Accents, I’m spot on but faces I’m terrible with. She’s a cutie nonetheless albeit the circumstances. I doubt she’s even in her teens yet. How could anyone even contemplate shooting at her? It’s despicable. Seriously. What the hell? It hasn’t even been a month since the world started taking this downward spiral and already people are acting like something out of a post apocalyptic movie. Geez. I’m starting to wonder if I should be fearing the living more than the dead…

I don’t think she’s in a coma. She has stirred slightly on a few occasions just long enough for me to give her some sips of water before passing out once again. She must be exhausted. I know I am and I’ve actually had rest and food at some points. I wonder how long she’s been surviving? Duh… that’s a dumb question. Obviously as long as I have, stupid. I guess what I’m really curious about is how. Lord knows it hasn’t been a cakewalk for me… I can’t imagine what she’s been through. She must be starving. I don’t think the half a stack of Saltines I have is gonna be enough for us. If she doesn’t wake up soon I’m gonna have to go out tonight regardless.


Enough babbling. Since I’m not going anywhere anyime soon and sitting vigilantly by her side I may as well use this time to sorta review my thoughts and speculations about these… things.

  • They’re fast. Really fast… or at least it appears that they are because they’re so relentless. I’ve manged to watch them when they’re not in pursuit of anyone and they kinda just wander around aimlessly. It’s only when they catch sight of something that they literally spring into action.
  • They have absolutely no finesse. I’ve yet to see any of them pull or turn a handle yet. The extent of their dexterity seems to be just clawing, grabbing, banging and biting.
  • Every person they kill and don’t completely devour comes back to unlife. That suggests some kind of viral transmission of whatever the hell it is that makes them tick. That brings me no comfort. If it is viral there’s a chance it can go airborne and what then? I shutter to even think about that.
  • I can’t tell but I don’t think they can see any better than a living creature. It’s easier to sneak by them at night and in the shadows. That’s the only thing I know for sure.
  • They don’t seem to think either – at least not in any conventional sense. They’re unyielding in their attacks and will only cease when all within an earshot are taken out. They don’t learn from mistakes so traps theoretically will never get old with them.
  • I don’t know if they operate with some sort of pack mentality or not. Yeah there’s loads of them all around and when one pounces the rest follow in suit. I can’t tell if it’s a mass of individuals trying to get at the same thing or if they’re knowingly ambushing people in some primal form of coordination. They don’t seem to react to or interact with one another. In fact they seem to be oblivious to other undead. How do they know? What is it that attracts them to us? How do they know we’re alive?

I’d love to entertain the Shaun of the Dead theory of pretending to be undead but call me a coward, I just don’t think that’d pan out too well for some reason. There’s something about us that they can sense. Maybe it’s smell? That doesn’t make sense though. Smelling requires a lot of brain processes in order to distinguish one scent from another. Somehow I just don’t think they can smell at all. It’s got to be something else.  Gah… I dunno. The sooner we find out that out the better I’d guess because at this rate they’ll wipe us out before we even get a chance to figure out WTF.

What’s got me unnerved the most is how quickly this situation came about and how rapidly it can spread. This is far worse than even a wildfire or virus. I mean think about it… if this is happening all across the country – check that – all across the world, they can triple or even quadruple their numbers in just a day let alone a week. That’s why they’re able to overwhelm. I can’t imagine how many people were caught off guard by this. How do you prepare for or anticipate something like this?

I guess I was lucky.

Ha! Lucky. That’s subject to interpretation. Is it really lucky to have to live this way? Cowering inside abandoned building fretting over whether  a mob of these things are gonna come busting in at any given moment. Having no food. No power at times. Cold, dirty… aching… working on about 28hrs worth of sleep in the past week or so. Bah… stop bitching Duane. I’m alive. I suppose there are people in Europe and Asia who have dealt with conditions like this on a daily basis long before there was any zombie outbreak so who am I to complain. I’m just a spoiled little American. Suck it up Duane. No sense in complaining about what can’t be changed. Just gotta keep on keeping on I guess…

Cloudy day.

Might be rain on the horizon. It’d be great if it did. Might help put out some of the fires and wash some of this nastiness away.

Looks like my little companion is stirring. Gotta go.

Till next time.

Stay strong and be safe.

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